FAQ about your hotel stay

Do you have a WiFi in your hotel?

Yes. You can connect to our secure wifi network "Creekside Villa - Guest" with the password: Welcome2Canmore

How do we contact the staff?

To make your stay more comfortable, safe and contactless we operate on a self-check-in/out system. We still have on-site staff that are ready and happy to assist you with anything. To reach to us during the office hours (8am-5pm) you can give us a call at +1-403-609-5522 you can also use the phone in your room or in our lobby). After office hours we are accessible on the Operto platform, which you can access via the link in the pre-arrival email. In case of emergency after office hours, you can find a phone number in the lobby.

How does the shower work?

Our good old Delta shower is not playing any tricks on you. Simply turn on the water and then pull down on the ring at the end of the faucet (where the water flows).

We are having troubles with the TV!

To turn on the TV use the remote and press "TV" button at the left top corner of the remote. Wait. If the TV is on and you don't see any program, press the "CABLE" button at the right top corner of the remote. Wait. If you are still experiencing issues make sure that the TV's input is set for HDMI.

We are staying more than one night and we don't need room service or fresh towels.

You can find a "do not disturb" or "please, make up" sign in all our rooms. Please, use them if you are in need of a room service. No sign on your door is an indication for our housekeeping team to do the room service. To help the environment and reduce water use, we only replace towels that are on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub. Thank you for your cooperation.

How can we help the environment and recycle at your hotel?

We appreciate your initiative and we are here to help you. We recycle paper, hard&soft plastic, metal, glass, food waste, and refundables. You can find blue recycling bins in all our rooms and we also have a recycling station in our lobby. If you need any assistance please ask any of our staff.